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The district provides special education services, including gifted services, in the least restrictive environment, to the maximum extent appropriate, based on a student's individual needs. The IEP team, including parents, determines the appropriate service or combination of services that are needed in order for students to meet their individual goals. Types of services/programs include:

Consultation Services: Services provided through regularly scheduled collaborative meetings between general and special educators. Consultative services are provided to staff rather than directly to students.
General Education Inclusion (in-class) Support: Special education services are provided in the general education classroom. Collaboration occurs between the general and special educators to design accommodations and/or modifications needed to the general education curriculum.
Resource Room Support: Specially designed instruction is provided in a separate setting within the school. Most students spend the majority of their day in the general education setting.
Center-Based Programs: Center-based programs provide highly structured and individualized programs. The programs are located both within the district and outside of the district. Students in these programs spend the majority of their instructional day within the program’s classroom.