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Parent Curriculum Guidebook


In grades K-5, PLTW modules are incorporated into their TEAMS Lab curriculum.
In grades 6-9, students have the opportunity to enroll in PLTW elective courses.
  • Structure and Function: Exploring Design (K)
  • Animals and Algorithms (K)
  • Animated Storytelling (1st)
  • Designs Inspired by Nature (1st)
  • Materials Science: Properties of Matter (2nd)
  • Living Things: Diversity of Life (2nd)
  • Stability and Motion: Science of Flight (3rd)
  • Environmental Changes (3rd)
  • Input Output: Computer Systems (4th)
  • Earth: Past, Present and Future (4th)
  • Robotics: Automation Challenge (5th)
  • Infection Detection (5th)
  • Design and Modeling
  • Magic of Electrons
  • Medical Detectives
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Green Architecture