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Dear Parents;


On behalf of our Food Service Staff, we would like to personally welcome those of you that are new to USD 207 and welcome back all of our returning families. We hope that you will trust us to take care of your children's food service needs. Know that our staff prides itself on getting to know your children and being that friendly face they can rely on in the lunchroom.


We want to let you know about a few important details about your school lunch program.


Child Nutrition Benefit Application;


If you feel you may benefit or qualify for free and reduced meal benefits please fill out the form found on the right-hand side of the web page with an explanation and instructions. The application is a confidential document and we ask that you return it in an envelope, marked attention, Marianne Estes, to the school office or the USD 207 Annex across from the construction of the old Board of Education Office Located off of Biddle Blvd. You may also mail it to;


USD 207 Marianne Estes FSD

1 MacArthur Circle

Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-1416


Meal Modification;


Each meal prepared at USD 207 is under the guidance of the USDA School Nutrition Program. The meals have specific amounts of required whole grains, meats or meat alternates, fruits, vegetables, and of course milk. The USDA has loosened requirements for meal modification that can be made within the meal pattern that we are serving. In other words, if your child is allergic to strawberries we can make the meal adjustment with another fruit. If your child has a lactose sensitivity or egg or milk we have the substitutions available that do not affect the parameters of the meal requirements. Simply notify the nurse at your child’s school and she will notify us.


If a specific item changes in the meal pattern it is necessary to fill out a Medical Meal Modification form (found on the right-hand side). Form 19 B requires a signature of a licensed physician (MD or DO) OR a physician’s assistant (PA) or an advanced registered nurse practitioner (APRN) authorized by their responsible licensed physician before any modifications can be made. An example would be a food that causes anaphylactic shock and severe reactions that would cause life-altering reactions. The physician will give us guidelines on restrictions and substitutions to work with the planned menu and make the substitutions necessary.


Once Form 19 B is filled out, signed, and return it to the school nurse. The food service manager or food service director will give you a call to go over the dietary restrictions and to discuss your child’s needs with your input. There are some instances that we need a week (5 days) to order the specialty food required. Working together is key to keeping your child safe and we may have to ask for further clarification.


Thank you for your service and we wish you a wonderful school year




Marianne Estes, FSD


(913)651-7373 or


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.