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Brain Training: Brain & Body Workouts


WHAT can exercise do for student learning? 

  • It increases the ability to focus, process, retain and recall information while increasing stamina. 

  • It facilitates neurological change that creates higher cognitive function. This results in an increase in academic success while decreasing behavioral distractions. 

  • It will enhance mood and build self-esteem allowing students to become more successful both academically and socially. 

WHEN should I have my child utilize physical activity to increase academic success?

  • Every morning should start with a body-brain workout video from our website or an equivalent workout. This will prepare the brain to focus and learn! The repetition of a daily workout will increase the strength of the neurological connections needed to learn efficiently. 

  • Before doing homework is an important time to participate in an aerobic activity! If that aerobic activity incorporates cross-lateral movement, moving balance and tracking with eyes across the midline, the brain benefit will be even greater! This will increase concentration, focus and the ability to not only process information faster but it will increase the ability to retain and recall information for the next day! 

  • Before expecting a child to sit and focus for long periods of time. If you expect your child to sit for an extended period of time it is always beneficial to have them do some sort of aerobic exercise beforehand. 

  • When behavior indicates there is a need to increase the neuro-transmitters in the brain to help them relax and feel better. 

HOW does it work?

There are THREE focused areas of activity that should be integrated daily to optimize brain development.

  • Aerobic Exercise 

  • Sensory Integration/Sensorimotor Activity 

  • Cross-lateral Movement


Exercise creates the optimal environment for neural plasticity, the ability of the brain to physically change. Exercise puts the brain and body into balance naturally by regulating brain chemicals that control mood and responses to stress while developing neurological connections to increase academic success.