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Welcome! We are proud of our families' involvement and positive impact on student success. 
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The safety of our students, staff, and families is a priority. While we currently have multiple layers of security in place, the additional safety/security features below will be implemented in the 2023-24 school year.


Visitor Aware

Visitor Aware is a visitor and volunteer management system utilized to increase the accountability of individuals granted access to our buildings. Within each office, visitors and volunteers will be screened prior to entry by scanning a valid driver’s license (military IDs are not accepted by the software). If approved, a visitor or volunteer badge will print. These badges must be visible at all times while in our buildings.



The Centegix CrisisAlert system is an internal support for student and staff safety. Each staff member is assigned an individual alert badge that communicates with beacons located throughout our facilities when activated. CrisisAlert then notifies key personnel with clear and critical information necessary to promptly respond to emergencies.


Ballistic Film

A ballistic film has been approved for installation on all ground level-accessible windows/doors and all school building vestibules/entryways. The film functions to mitigate hazards from shattered glass and delay intruder attempts.

Please share relevant information with your students to help us maintain safety in our community. Awareness is key!

Below are important reminders based on DES observations that are applicable to children and adults.:

  • No bicycling is allowed on Grant Ave, through the National Cemetery, or within the Golf Course
  • Bicycles must be walked across crosswalks
  • Bicycles may be ridden on sidewalks in either direction – must yield to pedestrians
  • Bike riders on sidewalks must announce when passing pedestrians – verbally or with a bell/horn
  • Bike riders in the roadway are required to travel in the direction of traffic
  • Note: Riding bikes side by side on the street and on the sidewalk makes it difficult for pedestrians and drivers.
  • PPE Required: Headlight (white), taillight (red), with reflective gear on the torso (during darkness), and approved helmet


Policy References

The Fort Leavenworth Safety Office provided the following references that support bicycle and walker safety.

  • Individual runners/walkers must run/walk on sidewalks when available. If no sidewalk exists, the road shoulder may be used. Running/walking in the street will be the last resort.
  • CAC & FTLVN Reg 190-5 - Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision