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Weather Policy

The following applies to all schools on Fort Leavenworth.

Inclement Weather Decision Points
The decision to close school due to inclement weather or to remain open is taken very seriously. Included but not limited to are the following determination factors that are utilized and considered:
  • NWS Projected Forecast for temperature/wind-chill temperature/snowfall/ice/weather warnings.
  • Communication/Collaboration with Fort Leavenworth Post Officials
  • Safe travel of USD 207 bus transportation for students
  • Outdoor temperature with wind-chill, snowfall, icy conditions and possible length of time exposed to extreme weather for walkers and bus riders
  • Travel conditions for staff to/from USD 207
  • Ability to clear snow/ice from parking lots and sidewalks prior to start of school
  • Collaboration/discussion with surrounding school districts of which we may share programs and services
The final decision to remain open or close school due to inclement weather or extreme low temperatures with wind-chill is based on the factors listed above with the first priority being the safety of our students. With more than half of the student population that either walks to school or rides district bus transportation, the outdoor weather (including predictions) and possible amount of time exposed to extreme temperatures and conditions are also significant considerations.
When the decision is made that schools will be open, some parents may choose to keep their children home because weather conditions may be considered marginal. Such absences will be excused and work missed may be made up without penalty.
In the event schools are closed for the day, USD 207 will:
  • Make a determination for closing by 6:00 AM
  • Provide notice to all major television stations in the Kansas City area. If we are closing, the stations will be contacted by 6:15 AM.
  • Notify the Installation Operations Center (IOC) Office.
  • Send out a Skylert message via telephone  and email to all households.
USD 207 will:
  • Not dismiss school early. Once the school day starts, we will remain open until normal dismissal.
  • Not participate in the delayed entry. Schools will be open as usual unless closed for the day.
  • Excuse students picked-up early by parents due to inclement weather and allow them to make-up missed work.
Television Stations
WDAF TV (4) KCTV (5) KMBC TV (9) WIBW TV (13) KSHB TV (41)