2020-2021 Returning Students Online Enrollment


For students currently attending our school district, please complete the following three steps to enroll your child(ren) for the 2020-2021 school year:


1. Complete and submit the 20-21 SY Intent to Return Form at your Skyward Family Access.  Due date is April 1st. (We ask all families to complete this form whether you plan to return or not.)
2. Complete the 20-21 SY Returning Student Online Enrollment forms found at your Skyward Family Access. Forms must be completed for each child you are re-enrolling.
3. If you are enrolling a new school-age child for your family (example – kindergarten sibling), complete and submit the New Student Online Enrollment forms. Skyward Family Access 


Pre-School Enrollment Information

Three and four-year-old preschool students will be placed based on parent/guardian providing (1) proof of on-Post residency and (2) date of completed online enrollment forms.  Confirmation of building/session placement for preschoolers will be provided to parents within 48 hours after submission of steps 1 and 2. All three and four-year-old preschool students' transportation must be provided by the parent/guardian.