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Educational Dome Theater

Educational Dome Theatre 
The Thomas J. Devlin Educational Dome Theater is a digital planetarium located at Bradley Elementary School. All Fort Leavenworth students are exposed to astronomy as they learn about our solar system, view the night's sky, identify constellations, explore the wonders of deep space and enjoy state of the art full dome shows. The Educational Dome Theater opened in August 2007. Presentations are aligned to both the College & Career Readiness Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.
Qyf2 Oi3 A fifth grader steps forward into the spotlight of the darkened room, clears her voice, and starts speaking into the microphone. Using Splashtop on her iPad to run the show, she projects her carefully prepared slides onto the dome ceiling of the planetarium. Classmates, teachers, and visitors from other grades listen intently for the next five minutes as the young speaker explains what she has learned about constellations during her research over the past five weeks.
USD 207’s Educational Dome Theater at Bradley Elementary has undergone a transformation from a place where students absorb content and learn about space science to a venue in which students can also share their knowledge on just about any subject. The conversion is due to a combination of upgrades to seating, equipment and software, as well as inspiration from the Learning Spaces philosophy of the District’s CYBER-TEAMS initiative.
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“USD 207’s new planetarium system is designed to be versatile, and this system is used in more than 160 world-class planetariums worldwide. Combined with the interactive teaching style of USD 207, it makes the school district a leader in student-focused space education at the K-9 level.”
 -Martin Ratcliffe, Sky-Skan Director of Professional Development
A set of iPads allows students in the seats to interact with lessons and control the images on the dome. The growing list of iPad apps includes NearPod, 3DSun, Earth Now, NASA, and more. This overall set-up gives the class flexibility to easily shift from mountaintop to campfire to cave-style learning spaces without much distraction. All USD 207 students will experience the Dome Theater at least six times this school year, and some will visit even more often.
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