School Cancellation & Menu Changes

During the school year we may experience school closure due to severe weather conditions. On those occasions we will be serving the meal that was scheduled for the day that we closed.

For example:
The menu for tomorrow: Pepperoni Pizza

School is cancelled due to wind chill temperatures or snow and ice.

The next school day that we are open we will be serving the menu for the day school was cancelled: Pepperoni Pizza

It is of utmost importance to plan efficient pre-preparation to be able to accommodate and feed 1200-1400 children per day.
Covid-19 has also caused some issues in the supply chain for restaurants and schools. Menu changes and limited menus are becoming a new norm. I am doing my best to stay ahead of the changes but may have some issues that can’t be resolved leading to a menu change. Please be assured that we will do our best to give you notice when this happens via our on-line Nutri-slice menu.
We hope this does not pose any inconvenience on your part. We take great care in serving fresh and appealing meals to your children and this policy helps us tremendously.

Thank you,
Melissa Hurley
Food Service Director USD 207
(913) 651-7373
[email protected]

The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.