Fort Leavenworth Unified School District 207

Rich Holden, Chief Financial Officer

I am the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Clerk of the Board, and Chief Facilities Engineer for the Fort Leavenworth USD 207.  I bring over thirty years of  leadership, management, planning, training, and development experience to the District as a retired US Army officer, a commercial real estate developer and manager for a local Leavenworth company, and a defense contractor working for Northrop Grumman Technical Services.  

As the CFO, I am responsible to the Superintendent and the Board of Education for all District financial management and budgeting to support the educational activities of the Fort Leavenworth School District.

As the Clerk of the Board, I support the Superintendent in preparing the agenda for Board of Education meetings and prepare the minutes for all Board meetings.

As the Chief Facilities Engineer, I manage the District's real estate with regards to facility engineering programs, the construction and maintenance of physical facilities, and all necessary building and maintenance support activities.

I am supported by the District's Business Office, the Director of Food Services, and the Director of Transportation and Maintenance.

I am honored to work in support of the education of our military's children.

Rich Holden
Chief Financial Officer
Fort Leavenworth USD 207