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Below is our USD 207 COVID District Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year.  We encourage you to utilize this as a first reference for your questions.
Families are also encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions on a regular basis as they will be constantly updated and added to. New questions and answers will appear at the top of the list.



If parents choose to do so, they may transport their child/ren to and from school. Carpooling is not encouraged due to COVID. Parents with car riders will need wait until school staff signal before letting children out of cars to enter the school. This will assist us in maintaining social distancing during school arrival. School bus drivers will conduct a personal health assessment before reporting to work and transporting students each day. Bus drivers will also wear face masks and other PPE as deemed appropriate. School buses will be sanitized after morning routes and after the end of day routes. Social distancing will occur where possible and individuals from the same household will sit together. Students should plan to wear masks at the bus stop and while riding the bus. Student temperatures will be taken and hand sanitizer used prior to riding the morning route buses. Seating charts will be utilized and buses will be loaded from back to front to promote social distancing.





Digital remote learners in grades PreK will have 2.5 hours of daily instruction. Students in grades K-6 will have 6.5 hours of daily instruction. Students in grades 7-9 will have 6.5 hours of daily instruction. Competency-based learning activities will take place through direct instruction, flipped instruction and project-based learning activities. A daily log must be maintained and signed by the student and parent or responsible adult and submitted weekly using Google Classroom PK-9) that shows the specified hours of learning each day. This is required by the Kansas State Department of Education and must be completed to remain the program.  





Are students staying in the same classroom all day?

Students will remain in their classrooms whenever possible to minimize interaction with other cohort groups. Scheduled mask breaks will occur periodically and recess will occur as previously outlined in our District plan.


Will there be desk shields in place?

Desk shields will typically not be used in all classrooms; however, other safety measure such as masks, hand washing/sanitizing, social distancing, frequent cleaning of common areas, and stable group scheduling will be utilized.


How will student illness be dealt with in the remote learning setting? Will students be allowed to be absent from classes to rest?

Student illness and absences for Remote Learning should be reported just as you would in an On-Site Learning environment. Attendance will be taken daily in Remote Learning classrooms and students should rest/not take part in daily learning activities if they are unwell.






Elementary Buildings Sample On-Site Learning Daily Schedule 


Elementary Buildings Sample Remote Learning Daily Schedule


Patton Junior High School Sample On-Site Learning Daily Schedule


Patton Junior High School Sample Remote Learning Daily Schedule








Extracurricular activities including clubs are not available to remote learners at this time (if any are offered and available).






How often are they required to wash their hands?

Students and staff are encouraged to utilize their own personal hand sanitizer brought from home. Students will sanitize hands during every transition. This includes when they enter buildings, transitioning to another classroom, to outside play or when using the restroom, and during any close proximity between one another. Hand sanitation stations will be at the entrance of every building. Each classroom may have a sink to wash with soap and water, hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes.


How often are you doing a complete sanitation of each classroom?

Classrooms will be completely sanitized at the conclusion of every school day by district custodial staff. Enhanced cleaning of common areas will occur at the end of each day when the buildings are primarily empty.


Will parents be expected to resupply sanitation supplies for our children?

Hand sanitize and wipes continue to be listed on the initial School Supply List for parents to purchase if available. The district is purchasing additional supplies of disinfecting materials to be utilized in our classrooms and school buildings as needed.


What about bathrooms outside of classrooms, how are they being sanitized?

Enhanced cleaning of common areas, including restrooms, will take place at regular intervals throughout the day and at the completion of the school day.



Kindergarten students will begin school, attending full days 8:00AM – 3:20PM, beginning September 8th, 2020.  






Lunch will be served daily.  Schools may adjust lunch service to deliver lunches to the classroom. 






Will my student have to wear a mask all day?

All students and staff will wear a face mask when in district buildings and on district property including school buses. 2-ply cloth masks or disposable hospital grade masks are required. Scheduled "mask breaks" will occur periodically including outdoor fresh air breaks. Staff and students may remove masks when eating and drinking, when outside, and during other physical activities when social distancing can be achieved.


Will the district provide masks for students?

Masks will be distributed to students and staff. Students and staff may wear masks of their own choosing as long as the appearance is school appropriate. Gaiters, bandanas or single ply masks are not allowed. Alternative face shields will be utilized when required for the learning environment.





Non - Residents


Currently, the Superintendent is unable to formally approve any New Non-Residents for attendance in USD 207 until district resident enrollment numbers can be reasonably determined. The district will offer two structures to families this year (1) On-Site with Enhanced Safety Protocols and (2) Fully Remote Learning environment. The decision on New Non-Residents and whether the Superintendent is able to approve or will need to deny all or some of them is based on several criteria listed in our enrollment policy. Examples of criteria consideration is given to capacity in the buildings at grade levels, staffing levels appropriate to accept non-residents without needing to hire additional staff, and sufficient curricular and academic resources.







Will there be recess, and if so, what rules or guidelines will be in place for social distancing and safety?

Recess will be part of the daily schedule at the elementary level with modifications allowing for safe play. Students will participate in recess within their cohort group and may be assigned areas on the playground to allow for separation from other groups. Recess will also be scheduled at staggered intervals to limit interaction between cohort/stable groups. Hand washing or hand sanitization will occur before and after recess.







Competency-based learning activities will take place through direct instruction, flipped instruction and project-based learning activities. Teachers will continue to personalize instruction and the learning experience of students and work to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom.


A daily log must be maintained and signed by the student and parent or responsible adult and submitted weekly using Google Classroom PK-9 that shows the specified hours of learning each day. This is required by the Kansas State Department of Education and must be completed to remain the program. Parents and guardians are an integral part in their student's education. Younger students will require additional parent supervision and support in course navigation and proceeding through coursework. It is important for the parents to ensure their younger child is completing their own work so teachers know how to provide additional learning support.








Will the school calendar change?

A fully updated calendar is published. The school start date is now Sept. 8th and the end date is May 28th.







Will school hours change?

New school hours are: Elementary 8:00 am - 3:20 pm. Patton 7:40am - 3:00 pm. Students and parents should monitor any school district communications in the event of a necessary schedule modification.








Will there be a time to “meet the teacher” prior to school starting?

Yes, parents will be communicated with to schedule a time to meet the teacher, visit the classroom, and bring any student classroom supplies.







Social distancing will be observed whenever possible. Student desks will be placed six feet apart, facing forward to the SMART board instructional area. Movement throughout the building will be limited to minimize student contact. Restroom and recess breaks will be scheduled at staggered intervals between cohort groups (stable student groups) to reduce student interaction.

Will there be discipline structures for not adhering to social distancing?

Students will be instructed on expected safety measures and procedures including the use of mask, hand washing, and social distancing. Students not following the expectations will be reminded to do so and if necessary, parents will be contacted about additional measures for compliance.

What is a cohort?

In elementary schools, a student's homeroom will serve as the cohort group (stable student group). In the Junior High, students will be assigned to an initial cohort group for core classes.


What will happen if too many students sign up to return to school? If there are too many students in a class I don't think social distancing can be put in place safely.

Every effort to maintain student social distancing will be made. Currently, enrollment numbers indicate that each school and classroom will have adequate social distancing.


Will the district consider rotating students from in class to virtual if too many students sign up for physical classes? Or is there a plan in place for a hybrid option?

There are two options for learning environments, On-Site Learning and Remote Learning.


What is the plan for class sizes or maximum number of kids per classroom?

Class sizes will be reduced as needed to create 6 feet of social distancing in classrooms and maintain adequate staffing levels for teaching and learning to occur in a safe and equitable manner.







Any specific concerns about a student's individual education plan (IEP) should be communicated to the school principal and the appropriate special education team who will assist the parents in reviewing and/or developing the most appropriate plan for the student.


How are onsite learning Speech services conducted for student with a mask?

Masks with a clear window or face shields will be provided to appropriate staff including speech services.






All students will be provided 1:1 technology in both the On-Site and Remote Learning environments.







Will there be requirements to quarantine and not attend in-person school following a student leaving the local area? Will those requirements apply if a parent or member of the household leaves the local area? (i.e. farther than 180 miles)

The current post requirements for quarantine will apply to students in our schools. Additionally, employees will adhere to the same policy of 180 miles requiring a quarantine prior to returning to work.







What conditions must emerge to transition the on-site education students to remote learning?

Transitions will occur as directed by local and state health officials.


What happens when cases start happening in the classroom? Will it go virtual?

Students and employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 without other obvious explanations are prohibited from coming to school, and if they do come to school, they will be sent home immediately.


What protocols are in place for a classroom that encounters a positive COVID case?

Students or employees who test positive for COVID-19, a general notification will go to the families and employees of the school. Due to privacy laws, this notification will not include identifying information about the individual who tested positive, such as name, grade or class. The school nurse will work closely with post and county health professionals on a case by case basis to advise on a course of action related to cohort, class or school closure.


Will an infection rate be set for when schools must close?

The district will continually adjust to the changing nature of our current pandemic and monitor mandates from State and Local entities.


Will students enrolled in the virtual classes be guaranteed a seat in the on site learning program if parents decide to switch after the fall semester?

Parents may request a one-time change after the conclusion of first semester for their child to change from on-site to remote, for from remote to on-site.




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